Friday, October 6, 2017

PERSONAL STYLE | Prairie Charm

Photograph Source: LEVI'S

I have a trip coming up in November.

I'm a planner.

So I've been preparing for this trip for a couple of months now.

I've only flown once...

Over 11 years ago!

So yes, I'm a little nervous about flying and It's going to feel like my first time.

But, I'm really excited about my trip.

I've been purchasing a few things for my upcoming trip.

So we stopped by a few places.

My Husband and I went to the Outlets at Lake Elsinore, CA.

My personal style is a mixture of old and new inspired vintage.

Stepping into the Levi's store...

I came across a couple of Levi's Prairie blouses.

Both blouses are styled in a beautiful print, cut, are comfortable, stylish and flattering on women.

Both blouses are currently on sale.


We also purchased a set of Levi’s handkerchiefs.

They’re the perfect little accessory.

I was introduced to TJ Max, Marshalls and Ross by cousins.

Now my husband and I find ourselves going in for random accessories we might need.

Sometimes it can be a hit or miss.

But after some picky digging we ended up finding an American, Leather CO. power charger wristlet.

I  really like the leather floral patterns on this wristlet.

It's just what I needed for my trip.

It's perfect!

Calico/stripe print blouse's & kerchiefs: Levi's
Wrap/Coat: Ralph Lauren
Jeans:  Levis 911K pique denim jeans
Wristlet: TJ Max

~ Old Southwestern Trails

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