Saturday, October 29, 2016

TRAILS | Jack Creek Farms

My Husband and I came back from our annual trip to Cambria, CA.

When we're in town during October we make it a plan to drive out to Jack Creek Farms.

It's one of our favorite places to visit and pick out our yearly Jack-o-lantern.

Jack Creek Farms is a family owned business with a very friendly and welcoming staff.
They have a huge selection of pumpkins to pick from.

I love how all the pumpkins are placed on an old Ford truck, rustic furniture, and crates.

The place looks so amazingly festive with all their harvest and Halloween decorations strategically placed.

We had such a good time picking out our pumpkin. They have any type your heart could desire. 

It’s really fun.

I picked up this little pumpkin lady in their small country store.

My experience at Jack Creek Farms was that of pure happiness!

Visit: Jack Creek Farms

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