Monday, September 12, 2016

MY LATEST VINTAGE FINDS!| 1980's Paper Dolls & Puzzles

At an estate sale I came across a few books that reminded me of my childhood. 

I remember as a kid my Mother buying me that Punky Brewster book twice!

Good memories.

All these Nostalgic books and puzzles are now available at the Old SouthwesternTrails Vintage Etsy store.

Vintage 1982 Western Barbie Paper Dolls by Golden Book USA Uncut - #1982-43 - Complete and Unused.

Vintage 1980's Barbie and Skipper Campsite at Lucky Lake Paper Doll Playbook.

1985 Golden Barbie Frame Tray Puzzle Sleepover Mattel Picture on Back SEALED.

1984 Barbie Mattel Golden Frame - Tray Puzzle.

Vintage 1986 Punky Brewster Paper Dolls by Golden.

1982 Tom Tierney Carmen Miranda Paper Dolls in Full Color - UNCUT.

1986 Clark Gable Paper Dolls in Full Color by Tom Tierney.

~ Old Southwestern Trails

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