Monday, September 26, 2016

MY LATEST VINTAGE FINDS! | Pair Of I Love Lucy Style Stewart B McCulloch Asian Statues

My Husband and I were on our way to the Will Rogers State Historic Park last Saturday afternoon when we noticed an estate sale sign on our way up in Pacific Palisades, CA.

We decided to stop and check it out. 

Everything inside the house was pretty much picked over but in the living room I noticed these tall beautiful Asian style figurines.

I was so intrigued by their beauty I decided to take them with me. It was the final day for the estate sale with 50% off everything so I got them cheap!

I learned they were made by California Pottery, by artist Stewart B. McCulloch. The statues are the same as the pair seen on the mantelpiece on I Love Lucy show.

There are variations in colors used and in the floral patterns on the garments.  Pink and blue seems to be the most common color combo, with green and yellow next, and white with gold glitter and gold with black being a bit tougher to find, but the pink and black seems to be the rarest color variation / holy grail.

My mid century pair are the same pink and black colorway as the ones seen on the I love Lucy show, except the floral motif patterns are slightly different.

I would like to say I really scored on finding these mid century beauties this past weekend at such a bargain! 


50slucyAnother Look At Lucy's Asian Statue

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